Wilson Gonzalez, Liberty Correctional Institution, Florida

Wilson Gonzalez, Liberty Correctional Institution, Floridawilson gonzalez"We have found the opportunity through Inspiration Ministries to express not just our feelings but also the words that the Holy Spirit puts in our hearts to share with others. I see I.M. as a channel of communication between the church on the inside with the one on the outside and as a way to learn about one another.
It is a way to show that prison is not a punishing place but instead it is a place allowed by God to rebuild the life of men and women and re-establish the foundation of His Church. It was here, behind these walls, where I.M. got its start, in the middle of the recreation field of one prison, and today it has its own fellowship center and cafe. Is God not good?! I want to praise God for His awesome work in this ministry because through this, my faith in His Word has been growing as a big tree in the middle of the desert. It is written “Nothing is impossible for God” (Luke 1:37). I pray for God’s continued blessing on Inspiration Ministries."