Robert Miller, Bay Correctional Facility, Florida

Robert Miller, Bay Correctional Facility, Floridarobert miller"A year ago my world was shifted. I was discouraged, alone, and in need of something/someone to embrace me. It would be pious to say, “All I needed was the assurance that the Lord was with me,” because reality is sometimes you don’t feel that way. Then Inspiration found me...Yes they found me as I’m sure others will testify. Brother James Summers introduced me to the newsletter and encouraged me to reach out to the ministry.
They have been the Arms of the Lord to me ever since. Inspiration gives us a voice where in our circumstances there would be none. They’ve torn down walls and enabled us to communicate with each other from facility to facility without breaking rules, securing our testimonies and integrity before God. Inspiration showed me that there are real Bible believers out there, because inside these walls, though we have volunteers and Bible studies, it becomes programmed and we yearn to fellowship with the Free World. We pray that God will send us someone that will correspond with us as brethren in a personal way—not just answering Bible study questions and offering prayer. I’m grateful for those ministries because they do make an important contribution. I’m just saying that Inspiration has meant so much more in my heart and I’m sure those who share my current stature are in agreement when I say an example and standard is being raised by God through Inspiration. Everyone knows someone in prison, whether physically or spiritually—saved or lost. Inspiration is reaching them with the gospel. It’s similar to the love expressed when a mother, brother, son, or neighborhood friend stops by to say, “Hey! Jesus is real and He sent me to say He knows where you are and you are loved!” The truth is that Inspiration is not a ministry in name only—it is a ministry by YOU."