2018 6th annual freedom fest

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Rigdel De Lardilles, South Bay Correctional Facility, Florida

Rigdel De Lardilles, South Bay Correctional Facility, Floridarigdel de lardilles 01"In one word, the Inspiration Newsletter to me means Hope. If anyone has ever done time behind the walls or been down and out, you can relate; there is always someone there to let you know just how bad you messed up, or how impossible it's going to be to bounce back, if it all. That's what prison is; a place where you wake up and are reminded of your failure, and of the uphill struggle you'll force when you get out, if you get out.
And most of the time all you ever hear about is how many of those who do get out, come back. Then you get mail-call and receive this newsletter and you read the success stories of those who were once in that same bunk wondering what tomorrow will bring, and you think They made it, maybe I can too. You read about those who are currently incarcerated whose testimonies reach out beyond their confinement and circumstances, and you think, They're making a difference, maybe I can too. You read about those who have never seen the inside of a box, about how much they care about the chain gang boys, and think, maybe I have not been abandoned after all. So, yeah, if I had to pick one word it would be hope, because from where I stand that's what's needed and that's what the Inspiration Ministries newsletters bring. Thank you all for your faithfulness."