Lisa West
Lisa West
The battles of life are fought and won with Jesus!

My name is Lisa West. I am a Michigan girl, but I grew up most of my life in Northeast Indiana. Through the grace of God, I received my degree in Accounting while in active addiction and was an accountant at a factory. Now, I am the Program Supervisor and Case Manager for Grace House.

My strengths come from the Lord above. He has given me a non-judgmental and forgiving heart, allowing me to love and advocate for the lost, hopeless, and helpless. I am goal oriented, reliable, and honest.

My recovery started when I heard God tell me He wasn’t going to bless me until I stopped drinking. My core addictions have always been alcohol and men, but I always added whatever drugs I could get into the mix. It started when I was 12, smoking weed and taking Xanax (prescribed by a doctor), then my 20s hit and I began drinking and using opiates. In my 30s, I decided to try meth and stayed on that for a few months. No matter what drug I was on, alcohol was always in a cup to swallow it down. I tried to find my worth in attention from men, who were, most of the time, addicts also.

I finally got sick and tired of living in insanity, empty “relationships”, hangovers, and just feeling awful. I kept feeling like I needed to get baptized, so I did and four days later got sober. I now have found my self-worth in one man, Jesus Christ. I am attending ministry school to learn the Word and the Lord better. I joined the Inspiration Ministries team, and obtained my Certified Recovery Specialist certificate! I have also decided to teach myself guitar so I can feel proud of my accomplishments.

I have restored my broken relationships with my family, my kids, their fathers, and most importantly myself. I find that the battles of life are fought and won with Jesus! There is a peace so unexplainable knowing and trusting that God’s plans are for my good!

The biggest part of my recovery has been forgiveness. I had to forgive those who had done me wrong, I had to forgive myself too. Once I practiced forgiveness and grace on others, then God’s grace and forgiveness poured out and took away my desire to mask the person I am. This has set me free of my shame, guilt, and bitterness and allowed me to help, to love, and to show people there is hoped there is recovery.