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We know how scary it is to feel stuck in old patterns of addiction or imprisonment. It’s time to take the first step toward freedom. Whether you know what you need or not, we will walk through each step of transformation with you. The Lord has helped thousands of men and women through our recovery program. If you’re looking for a safe and productive place to grow in your recovery, you’re in the right place.

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If you’re feeling lost, let us help. When you apply to Inspiration’s recovery program, you’re applying to be transformed through God’s grace. Follow the first link for the application and the second link for the conduct agreement.

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Men, women, and families can step into safe, affordable housing after completing a recovery program.
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Inspiration has a proven model of transformation in Northeast Indiana. Our model consists of accessibility, redemptive systems, evidence-based practices, and recovery-oriented services. Click the link below to learn more.