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Inspiration is in the business of transformation.

Inspiration has a proven model of transformation in Northeast Indiana. Our model consists of accessibility, redemptive systems, evidence-based practices and recovery-oriented services.

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Inspiration Cafe
As an open door to the community, Inspiration Cafe is a place of fellowship, safety, and hope. The mission of the cafe is to inspire every customer while serving a great cup of coffee.
Celebrate recover
Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is our time to give thanks and reflect on God’s healing, forgiveness, and unconditional love that our graduates learn about through our recovery programs. These events help people find freedom from past mistakes and introduce joy back into their lives while they learn about their value, calling, and purpose. During Celebrate Recovery, our donors and church partners help us give space to share experiences, applaud strengths, express hope, and receive God’s grace as a community—and we want you to join us!

Beyond prison walls
Inspiration reaches behind the walls.

A prison ministry created by someone who’s been there.

Because Inspiration was created during a time of incarceration and transformation in CEO Andrew Foster’s life, we remain committed to prison ministry. Our program connects volunteers with inmates and helps them provide necessities such as hygiene products, shoes, and undergarments. This exchange allows the volunteers to form relationships with inmates and show them the transformational love of Christ.