Who We Are hero
This is our story,
this is our song.
Our story

Inspiration is an organization offering restorative programs that creatively challenge the status quo for people exiting prison and/or battling addiction. Even with halfway homes and government initiatives, it can be difficult to break the cycle of addiction and criminal activity without the right group of supporters. That’s why our focus is on cultivating a Christ-centered community.

It’s not just about getting sober and staying out of trouble, it’s about giving the least, the last, and the lost a chance to transform from the inside out. This transformation happens within a safe space filled with passionate people who really get it—because we’ve been there. Even though restoration can be overwhelming, we do everything we can to help others experience freedom.

Our evidence-based, Christ-centered approach is getting real results that other programs simply are not—the national average recidivism rate is five times higher than ours. But it’s not just our residents we want to impact. We believe that when individuals are empowered and offered the resources they need to find their place in the world, whole communities can be restored.